Technology Part Family Part Type Part Number Description OS
Technology Part Family
Technology Part Family Part Type Part Number Description OS
LAN Adapters LAN Gb Ethernet 22P6801 PRO/1000 XT Server Adapter by Intel a5d54688-e932-3457-a5c0-31ac31f0965a
LAN Adapters LAN Gb Ethernet 31P6301 NetXtreme 1000 T Ethernet Adapter c3925d5a-e3d5-3fe7-b83d-bc9108f6029d
LAN Adapters LAN Gb Ethernet 31P9601 PRO/1000 MT Server Adapter by Intel 9442c02a-40d1-32d7-894f-6bff8af37c44
LAN Adapters LAN Gb Ethernet 39Y6105 PRO/1000 GT Server Adapter by Intel 7478943d-a1f2-33bd-be3d-fa2d3b12c50e
Memory Upgrades Memory RDIMM 73P4126 2GB PC2100 ECC DDR SDRAM RDIMM (2x1GB) Kit 847b8bc5-317d-36b3-98cb-8616167b188e
Peripheral: I/O Other Keyboard 25R6968 IBM Preferred Pro Full Size Keyboard - PS/2 47509586-07f9-3990-83bd-de85959baef3
Peripheral: I/O Other Keyboard 28L3644 87-Key Space Saver II PS/2 Keyboard (Business Black) 154ebe77-e45d-381f-9393-91ea8661187e
Peripheral: I/O Other Keyboard 39M7228 UltraNav Keyboard - USB e832514d-5520-3ae9-9bc3-5b876a952c23
Peripheral: I/O Other Keyboard 90P0777 Enhanced Performance Keyboard - USB 27af61bc-b9ec-3c52-9166-0cfd2e46a13f
Peripheral: I/O Other Monitor 90P0717 IBM L150p 15" TFT Monitor (Hybrid) a24da3c6-e0a3-37c8-809d-a6975495d133
Peripheral: I/O Other Monitor 90P0721 L170p 17" TFT Monitor (Hybrid) ca2da219-b873-3a3e-8b01-de995c7c123d
Peripheral: I/O Other Monitor 90P0726 C170 17" CRT Monitor 6262a156-8a7d-3c38-a089-6262d9393c3d
Peripheral: I/O Other Mouse 28L3673 2 Button Sleek PS/2 Mouse (Business Black) 5f5f0e70-da44-38b9-a3b9-37deacd3cc9f
Peripheral: I/O Other Mouse 90P0740 Sleek 2-Button Mechanical Ball Mouse - PS/2 a749cb8e-99a3-3151-a2c5-753892dd6006
Peripheral: I/O Other Mouse 90P0741 ScrollPoint Pro 800 DPI Optical Mouse - USB & PS/2 8c9c6b50-5803-3182-a63e-9e4332078bc9
Peripheral: I/O Other Mouse 90P0742 ScrollPoint 800 DPI Optical Mouse - USB & PS/2 c77c75a0-7a45-3e9b-84ae-5961021df201
Peripheral: I/O Other Mouse 90P0743 Optical Wheel Mouse - USB 392bbe67-6c0b-3fff-a79d-3ee918f106f4
Peripheral: I/O Other Mouse 90P0744 Optical 3-Button Mouse - USB 2f2393d8-770e-3dd9-9fac-995bddc69780
Power/Power Cable Power Distribution 39M2818 IBM DPI C19 PDU+C19 without linecord 958fff50-94f8-37f3-85bb-1044299193eb
Power/Power Cable Power Distribution 39M2819 IBM DPI C19 3 phase PDU+C19 with attached linecord c4469292-7734-36eb-a62b-af528559c250
Rack Enclosures & Rack Tower Conversion Kits Rack Rack 17231RX IBM 1U 17" Flat Panel Console Kit w/ Optical Drive Bay 8ebd52d8-4aa9-3398-8eae-24e49e407e13
Rack Enclosures & Rack Tower Conversion Kits Rack Rack 17233RX IBM 1U 15" Flat Panel Console Kit 125d8940-39d0-3e2d-b687-efb0ac7a9b33
Server Applications and Middleware Application Net Mgmt IBM-Dir-v4.2 IBM Director Version 4.2 fc08dbb2-e2b4-3806-bc6d-1c7993b03706
Shared Storage Shared Storage Entry 172641X IBM System Storage DS3400 (FC Single Controller) 8c901c62-5c88-3c04-9c86-93da028a822e
Shared Storage Shared Storage Entry 172642X IBM System Storage DS3400 (FC Dual Controller) e6b8735b-7fd4-3032-9d50-ce6a0ead050d
Storage Controllers Controller Ultra320 71P8594 IBM Ultra320 SCSI Controller aad004e9-2a99-32c1-995f-84ecbbb7bc84