For three days, Lenovo's headquarters will turn into a learning hub for all things Web, social, digital, and beyond.


Global and local eCommerce, digital marketing and sales leaders converge at the Summit alongside industry leaders to share insights and lessons from our past performance and look forward, together, for new opportunities to grow our digital business. is powered by some of the brightest minds and best technology from all over the world. We've helped pioneer Lenovo's rise to #1 in the global PC market and are fueling the company's rapid growth in new markets worldwide.



Washington Duke Inn
3001 Cameron Blvd.
Durham, NC 27705, USA

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  • Lenovo eCommerce & Social and Digital Marketing
  • Lenovo Executives and senior leaders spanning business groups, geographies
  • Strategic partners


  • Golf Tournament | Washington Duke Golf Club | Durham, NC | Monday, June 3
  • Vendor Showcase | Summit breakout session (~ 1-2 hrs) | Open to all Lenovo employees
  • Keynote and Discussion
  • Dinner events for select Lenovo participants and Summit sponsors
  • Leadership Event | Lenovo eCommerce Leaders, Diamond & Platinum Sponsors | San Juan, PR | June 6-8


Shifting From 1x Transactions to Building Long-term Relationships Online

A truly customer-centric company focuses on developing long-term customer relationships and placing the customer’s needs at the forefront of corporate decisions. This requires discipline to anticipate customer problems, maintain communication with them, and offer solutions proactively.