The ServerProven® program validates selected products for compatibility with ThinkSystem, System x®, BladeCenter® and xSeries® servers. Through the ServerProven Program, Lenovo works with industry leaders to test their equipment with ours. We recognize that you deserve the most innovative solutions... even if they're not all from Lenovo.

ServerProven provides compatibility information only. Hardware configuration guidance can be obtained from the Configuration and Options Guide. Product ordering information can be obtained from the Sales Configurators.

Part Family Part Type
Part Family
Part Family Part Type
Storage HBA
Storage Tape Library
Storage Tape
Storage Shared Storage Subsystem
Storage SSD Adapter
Storage Solid State Drive
Storage HDD-USB
Storage Enclosure
Storage HDD HotSwap SAS
Storage CD/DVD Combo
Storage DVD-ROM
Storage Diskette
Storage HDD HotSwap
Storage HDD HotSwap S-ATA
Storage HDD/SATA
Storage DVD-RAM
Storage CD-RW
Storage Fibre Channel
Storage HDD
Storage HDD-SAS
Storage CD-ROM
Storage HDD HotSwap SCSI
Storage HDD HotSwap LVDS
Storage Repeater
Storage HDD-SCSI
Storage HDD Upgrade
Storage HDD-IDE
Storage Memory-Channel
Storage HDD Media Kit
Storage HDD-Removable
Storage HotSwap
Storage SuperDisk
Storage SSD Upgrade
Storage Backplane
Storage Filler
Storage HDD HotSwap FCAL
Storage HDD HotSwap Upgrade
Shared Storage N Series
Shared Storage Mid Range
Shared Storage Enterprise
Shared Storage Entry
Shared Storage SAN Volume Controller
LAN Gb Ethernet
LAN 10Gb Ethernet
LAN Ethernet
LAN Fast Ethernet
LAN Token Ring
LAN Clustering
LAN InfiniBand
LAN Store Loop
LAN Wireless
Controller SAS/RAID
Controller SAS
Controller Ultra320/RAID
Controller Fibre Channel
Controller Ultra320
Controller LVDS
Controller Ultra160
Controller InfiniBand
Controller SATA/RAID
Controller UltraSCSI
Controller SATA
Controller iSCSI
Controller SSD
Controller SSA/RAID
Controller IDE RAID
Controller Ultra160/RAID
Controller Ultra160SCSI
Application Net Mgmt
Application Utility
Application Remote Console
Application Groupware
Application Backup
Application Internet Server
Application Firewall
Application Fibre Channel
Application Auxiliary Software
Application Database
Application Communication
Application Transaction
Application Auxiliary Devices
Power Uninterruptible Power Supply
Power Distribution
Power Redundant
Power Cable
Power Rack
Power Power
Power Upgrade
Other Keyboard
Other Adapter
Other Mouse
Other Monitor
Other Security
Other Printer
Other USB
Other Attachments
Other Keyboard/Mouse
Other Other
Other Scanner
Rack Rack
Rack Console Switch
Rack Cable
Rack Upgrade Kit
Rack Attachments
Rack Extension
Rack Cover
Rack Cabinet
Rack Service Processor Manager
Cable Cable
Cable SFP
Cable Fibre Channel
Cable USB
Cable LVDS
Cable SCSI
Cable Scalability
Cable Fibre Channel-SFP
Cable SSA
Cable Communication
Cable Video
Mezz Fibre Channel Fibre Channel
Processor 2130MHz
Processor 1860MHz
Processor 1600MHz
Processor 1300MHz
Processor 2000MHz
Processor 2400MHz
Processor 1000MHz
Processor Opteron
Processor 2600MHz
Processor 3000MHz
Processor 2330MHz
Processor 3200MHz
Processor 2200MHz
Processor 2500MHz
Processor 2800MHz
Processor 3600MHz
Processor 2670MHz
Processor 3400MHz
Processor 1800MHz
Processor 2260MHz
Processor 800MHz
Processor 1700MHz
Processor 2700Mhz
Processor 1900MHz
Processor 1133MHz
Processor 3300MHz
Processor Card
Processor 3500MHz
Processor Upgrade
Processor 2930MHz
Processor 1500MHz
Processor 1266MHz
Processor 1400MHz
Processor 3800MHz
Processor 700MHz
Processor 866MHz
Processor 933MHz
Processor 2830MHz
Processor 550MHz
Processor 3160MHz
Processor 733MHz
Processor 3060MHz
Processor 667MHz
Processor 900MHz
Processor 3700MHz
Processor 533MHz
Processor 600MHz
Switch Fibre Channel
Switch Gb Ethernet
Switch Pass-Through
Switch InfiniBand
Switch Clustering
Switch Ethernet
Switch SAS
Mezz Ethernet Ethernet
Mezz Fibre Channel over Ethernet Converged
System Management Adapter
System Management Upgrade
System Management Cable
System Management Token Ring
System Management Brick
Memory RDIMM
Memory DIMM
Memory UDIMM
Memory Upgrade Kit
Memory Adapter
WAN Modem/Int
WAN Multiprotocol
WAN Async
WAN X.25
Host Attach Adapter
Host Attach 5250
Host Attach Clustering
NC Client System
Encryption SSL
Encryption Security
ServerBlade Blade
ServerBlade Enclosure
Mezz InfiniBand InfiniBand
System Expansion
Bridge Module
SystemOption Blade
SystemOption Chassis
I/O Module Ethernet Upgrade
I/O Module Ethernet Ethernet
I/O Module Ethernet Converged
System Upgrades Upgrade Kit
System Upgrades Other
System Upgrades Scalability
Service Management Adapter
Video Card
Video SVGA
I/O Module Fibre Channel Fibre Channel
I/O Module Fibre Channel Upgrade
Software High Availability
Software Firmware
ServerPlex Chassis
ServerPlex Server
ServerDense Node
ServerDense Chassis
I/O Module InfiniBand Upgrade
I/O Module InfiniBand InfiniBand
Telephony Adapter
Connection Development Module

Lenovo makes no representations or warranty regarding third-party products or services, including those designated as ServerProven. Support for these third-party (non-Lenovo) products is provided by non-Lenovo Manufacturers.